TFQ’s podcast, Dan Marino (#13) Episode: NBA Free Agency, the Draft & more!

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It’s hot today in Toronto, this hot.

That’s also how high(brow) he got, as in Robin Williams, for this episode.

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Episode 13 is the Dan Marino episode, for numerous reasons. (But not 10,000, as second-place holds, right Wilt Chamberlain?) One classic Marino play is the fake spike against the Jets.

Our weekly segment, #PROPS & #DROPS. You can follow us @TFQuarter, and @count_yorga

#PROPS went out to the German national soccer team for their close win against Algeria. I mentioned that I like German coach Joachim Loew because he looks like Professor Stephen Falken from the 80s movie War Games.


Shall we play a game?

We looked at the NBA Draft. Are the Sixers a way station for raw talent? Listen to find out.

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My thoughts on Charlotte’s work in the draft:

My take on the Spurs drafting Kyle Anderson at 30th overall:

There was an extended talk about our own three big questions for the NBA free agency period. Check it out, for Christ’s sake.

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This week’s Statgasm went tantric as we tried to analyze LeBron James’ potential to damage his legacy by leaving Miami. To do so, we looked at all top 5 MVP vote-getters and how often they had to leave their current team to win a championship, as LeBron has once already (so far…). Listen up!

Here’s the box score for this week’s Weekly Woodshed.

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Ep. 4 of TFQ’s new podcast: Goodbye, NBA Round 1, Hello Round 2

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It’s Episode 4 of The Shit Show, with Count Yorga & Jerkules!

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Recorded immediately after Spurs-Mavs on Sunday, TFQ’s new podcast take a more focused look at the NBA playoffs.  Later this week we’ll release the Jerkules NFL Mock Draft.

As always we provide you with a summary of the podcast, replete with links to sources and/or references we make throughout the episode.

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In What I Saw, we discussed the notion that the Donald Sterling ownership issue won’t have a clean, quick resolution – mostly for financial reasons, including capital gains taxes in California if the Clippers owner were forced to sell his franchise. Here’s the detailed analysis of the situation from Michael McCann at Sports Illustrated.

Yorga also pointed out my wee tiff with Grantland’s Zach Lowe on Twitter. Lowe took offense to my implying that he implies NBA team should tank, but then offered this response:

So, that’s not an argument that teams are better off trying to miss the playoffs than they are squeaking in? Lowe is the best NBA writer there is right now, but that’s faulty reasoning.

Once, again, in honour of Pacers C Roy Hibbert, here’s the YouTube video of 10 straight hours of Dr. Hibbert from The Simpsons laughing.

While giving recognition to the defensive prowess of Spur Kawhi Leonard I said he doesn’t even need to fight with a hot dog weiner, like Cosby did.


The majestic flop that is Leonard Part 6 was also the source for me saying that the winner of Spurs-Blazers could ride off into the sunset on an ostrich.

I referred to oft-injured Warriors C Andrew Bogut as the Man Made Of Glass, one of the awards given out in TFQ’s NFL Upside-Down Awards. This past season’s winner was Raider Darren McFadden. You can check out all of the UDAs here.

We also mention a fun Grantland article by Kirk Goldsberry about the impact of the Splash Brothers.

In Weekly Woodshed we take a look at the trouncing the Oakland A’s gave the Texas Rangers.

In this week’s Statgasm I look at how many Super Bowl champs didn’t have a first round pick in the NFL Draft that year, and I discovered that the Green Bay Packers drafted running back Jim Grabowski the year they won SB I in 1967. Not to be confused with Parking Officer Steve Grabowski from The Simpsons.



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That’s it for Episode 4 – we’ll put up the Jerkules NFL Mock Draft soon!

HIGH POSTS – Raptors Republic podcast: Raps vs. Nets

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Our leading (and only) basketball writer gives his, um, blunted, unconventional – and occasionally obsessively detailed – take on recent happenings in the hoops world.

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What’s up, hoopheads?

I joined the usual roundtable at Raptors Republic to analyze the Raptors-Nets series that continues later tonight at 7:00 EST.

You can find the podcast here.

Don’t forget to check out TFQ’s own (new) podcast, The Shit Show, hosted by Count Yorga and Jerkules!  You can listen to Episode 3 here.  Next week we’re also doing a special NFL Mock Draft episode, so stay tuned.

Here’s a list of what we talked about at Raptors Republic, as always courtesy PhdSteve:

  • Before we go forward and look at game 6- we do a quick recap of game 5
  • The tweet Steve never sent @therealphdsteve “Classic Raptors fans, always crying. Even when they are winning 3-2 in a best of 7 series with home court”
  • So did the Raps win this game or did BKN loose it?
  • What’s the bigger story: Raps up 91-69 at the end of 3 quarters OR BKN Scoring 44 in the 4th to tie the game with 2 mins remaining
  • Who has the momentum going into Game 6?
  •  Are the refs still an issue? Do conspiracy theories to remove the Raps from the playoffs still hold true?
  • Who starts for the Raps and what does Casey’s rotation look like in this pivotal game?
  • The new #morecowbell sound byte gets introduced
  • We take turns finishing these sentences:
  1. “Raps win this game if…..”
  2. “BKN wins this game if….”
  • A quick look at the other side of the Eastern Conference playoffs bracket and then over to the West