TFQ’s podcast, Dan Marino (#13) Episode: NBA Free Agency, the Draft & more!

Blair Miller > THE SHIT SHOW, Dan Marino Version (Ep. 13) & Appendix

It’s hot today in Toronto, this hot.

That’s also how high(brow) he got, as in Robin Williams, for this episode.

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Episode 13 is the Dan Marino episode, for numerous reasons. (But not 10,000, as second-place holds, right Wilt Chamberlain?) One classic Marino play is the fake spike against the Jets.

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#PROPS went out to the German national soccer team for their close win against Algeria. I mentioned that I like German coach Joachim Loew because he looks like Professor Stephen Falken from the 80s movie War Games.


Shall we play a game?

We looked at the NBA Draft. Are the Sixers a way station for raw talent? Listen to find out.

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My thoughts on Charlotte’s work in the draft:

My take on the Spurs drafting Kyle Anderson at 30th overall:

There was an extended talk about our own three big questions for the NBA free agency period. Check it out, for Christ’s sake.

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This week’s Statgasm went tantric as we tried to analyze LeBron James’ potential to damage his legacy by leaving Miami. To do so, we looked at all top 5 MVP vote-getters and how often they had to leave their current team to win a championship, as LeBron has once already (so far…). Listen up!

Here’s the box score for this week’s Weekly Woodshed.

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HIGH POSTS – Raptors Republic podcast out today – MORE Madness!

Blair Miller > HIGH POSTS

Our leading (and only) basketball writer gives his, um, blunted, unconventional – and occasionally obsessively detailed – take on recent happenings in the hoops world.

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Well, March has indeed brought madness, as the NCAA tournament saw a record 6 overtime games in the first weekend of play, and three upset wins by 12th-seeded teams.  (And a sweet, sweet upset of Duke.)

I got together with the regular cast of roundball junkies at Raptors Republic this week to talk about the zany happenings in college ball to start off the tournament.  We also talk about the Raptors (as usual) and I spit some sweet stats to help give an impression of just how special the play of Kevin Durant and Kyle Lowry has been this season in the NBA.

ALSO: I am excited to announce that we are starting to put together our own podcast at TFQ, called The Shit Show, with Count Yorga and Jerkules!  We hope to record it during the final round of the Masters PGA tournament (April 13) and release it for your enjoyment that week.  It will be some fun sports insight and debates, in the unique, blunted and goofy way that you’ve come to expect from TFQ.

Here’s a summary of what we discuss in this week’s Podcast, courtesy Raps Repub.  You can find the podcast here.

The simple fact that Lowry is freaking amazing
The week that was for the Raps:
– The OKC loss and just how damn good Durant is
– The 4th quarter comeback vs Atlanta
– Another last minute loss, but this time to Cleveland
– Is Dwane Casey day drinking again? I mean have you seen some of his rotations
– The next week has a stretch of winnable games: Bos, Bos, Orlando before Mia and Houston
– Should we be worried about a Knicks or Brooklyn team on the rise
– More Cowbell


– Andrew Wiggins: was he all hype? Did a quick Kansas exit hurt his draft stock? What about Jabari Parker? Should they stay? Should they go?
– What does your bracket look like? Blair and Steve lick their wounds and count their losses
– He is the prophet (ND State #pigfarmers)!
– Florida vs UCLA and all the fun that comes with a game like that!