Ep. 9 of TFQ’s podcast: NBA Finals Preview and more

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The central focus of Ep. 9 of our new-ish podcast, The Shit Show, is the NBA Finals. We hit up our usual weekly segments, but it’s the huge Heat-Spurs revenge series that has our attention. We shoot the shit on that, and a bunch of other things that we’ve added to with these links and/or images to help you follow along.

Listen to the podcast here

In the weekly news segment What I Saw, I covered the Memorial PGA tournament from last weekend, won by 22-year old Hideki Matsuyama. He pulled a lucky ricochet on the 18th hole to set up a playoff with David Na when his errant tee shot hit a tree and found the fairway. Benefitting from this sort of bounce has earned me the golf nickname Rick O’Shea among Yorga, myself and other golfer friends. This gave me an obviously necessary opportunity to refer to the Denzel Washington-John Lithgow movie Ricochet. I even threw out the Ice-T line, “you want the power, go to the tower”, which I couldn’t find a clip of from the movie, and I haven’t seen it since maybe the mid-1990s, but I stand by it. I could post a link to the whole movie, but we’ve already afflicted you with Leonard Part 6 over the past few weeks (for Kawhi Leonard), so here’s the trailer.

Yorga gave such a heartfelt What I Saw to former Jays pitcher Roy Halladay because of a documentary he’d recently seen that I suggested he’d have been better off masturbating to a photo of “Doc” instead, but we wouldn’t do it on air a la Christian Slater in Pump Up The Volume.

The Halladaygasm touched on a book on pitching by authour Harvey Dorfman. Or, as I called him, Dorf on ball.


He (Yorga) then paid notice to a crazy “Eephus” pitch in Japan. Here’s a link explaining the moment.

If you listen you’ll hear our explanation of what a Yorga Cam is in golf, and PGA player Scott Langley had the longest pseudo-Yorga cam we’ve seen.

Listen to the podcast here

Our #PROPS and #DROPS weekly segment is a thumbs-up/down take on the last week in sports. Part of it is a recap of some #PROPS and #DROPS tweets we made over that span. You can follow us @TFQuarter & @count_yorga

#DROPS was doled out to Pacer Lance Stephenson for his childish antics, one of which being his slap to LeBron James’ face in between plays. I tweeted my thoughts about Stephenson’s public strategy after that unsportsmanlike moment.

#PROPS to Oakland A Yoenis Cespedes for a huge game.

#PROPS went out to Sports Illustrated’s Peter King for 25 years at the magazine. To me, King is a very good writer who often falls prey to the current trend of marketing one’s personality (and coffee, and beer, and hotels, and et cetera), but his inside scoops are poignant and touching – on a grounded level, not like Rick Reilly’s work, which I compare to Bart’s People, the uber-manipulative news show on The Simpsons.

Bart's People

Our Weekly Woodshed segment looked at a blowout in the Heat-Pacers series in the NBA Eastern Conference Finals. Here’s the box score.

Listen to the podcast here

While arguing that the OKC Thunder need to take long, hard looks at GM Sam Presti and head coach Scott Brooks I poked fun at Brooks’ glasses and how he looks like Jerry when he had to wear super-strong glasses in front of Lloyd Braun in an episode of Seinfeld.

Brooks-Seinfeld glasses

In our NBA Finals Preview segment I gave a shout-out to a really good article about the bond between Spurs head coach Gregg Popovich and Tim Duncan by Marc Stein on ESPN.com.

Listen to the podcast here

That’s it for this week! Stay tuned in a week for The Shit Show, Episode 10!!!!!!


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