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It looks like the last two long weekends – Canada’s Victoria Day was last week, and Memorial Day just ended in the U.S. – have ushered in some summery weather. Finally.

With the hot weather comes a hot-as-fuck Episode 8 of The Shit Show. We recorded it just before last night’s Game 4 between the Heat and the Pacers, and we tried to make the episode shorter since it was a 4-day break since Ep. 7 (we delayed that for the NBA Draft Lottery), but, well, you know. We started blazing, and we just love talking sports that much.

Listen to the podcast here

In What I Saw we detailed a pretty fun Sunday in the MLB. Yorga brought up the Yunel Escobar vs. the Red Sox bench incident, which led to us reminiscing about the time current White Sox manger Robin Ventura once tried to take on Nolan Ryan.

I also slapped a What I Saw at the silly spat Cardinals CB Patrick Peterson and his Seahawks counterpart Richard Sherman, which was started by Peterson’s assertion that Sherman isn’t a shutdown cornerback. (FYI: There are NO shutdown corners anymore.) Here’s a scoop on the start of the spat.

I explain during the podcast, but here’s my tweet response. (I was also stoned, and called him “Patterson” at least once. I regret nothing.)

As always, we did our weekly #PROPS and #DROPS segment, which is partly a recap of our tweets throughout the past week. You can follow The Fifth Quarter @TFQuarter and Yorga at @count_yorga

We gave out an easy #DROPS to Pacers F Lance Stephenson for saying he thought he was getting under Heat F LeBron James’ skin because James was trash talking to him. This was my tweet at the time of the news:

SPOILER ALERT: Soon after this, Yorga comes dangerously close to implying that Stephenson should whack off James prior to Game 4.

SPOILER ALERT 2: That almost certainly didn’t happen before Game 4.

Yorga #PROPS-upped a situation in which a budding minor league baseball star hit his first pro home run…and his father caught the ball.

I gave #PROPS to Heat president Pat Riley for finally being on the verge of cashing in – literally – on his trademarked phrase “3-Peat”, which he first coined in the early 1980s when he was coaching the Lakers, who had won two straight championships. It’s taken until now for Riley to be connected to another possible 3-Peat, so he’s been filing more trademarks for the phrase on shit ranging from jewelry, sports memorabilia and even linens. If you don’t believe me, check this.

Listen to the podcast here

After #PROPS and #DROPS I realized we’d been going for a while, and said that Yorga might have to impersonate me while I made another Gin & Juice, a la Ed Rooney’s secretary, Grace, in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. Go to 3:14 of this clip to see what I mean.

We also dusted off our segment called Stop The Movie, Start The Madness with a look at the Bill Cosby megaflop Leonard Part 6 because I have nicknamed Spurs F Kawhi Leonard as Leonard Part 2. (After his jersey number.) It was tough sledding,b tu we did it, and gave y’all some fun references that we’ll likely ride into the ground for the rest of the NBA playoffs. Also, we’ve named the segment after this Simpsons episode. For those of you who aren’t up to snuff – or should I say sniff – this is the episode when Homer starts snorting steak like he’s Steaky Montana.

We talked a bit about the movie and how some moments/things could be used for goofy analogies for Kawhi Leonard reference.  (Who we will now refer to as Kawhi Leonard Part 2, after his jersey number.) Our favourite nonsensical part of the film was that part of Leonard’s superspy uniform was this helmet:


I had so many #DROPS during which I got on a soapbox, and then was harsh about Heat F Chris Bosh’s lack of aggressiveness just before Game 4 of the Eastern Conference finals, that I said I was grinding my gears this week, which is a shout-out to this great Family Guy moment.

Our Weekly Woodshed looked at the nice new veranda addition the Spurs put onto their playoff woodshed this season. Here’s the box score.

With that, we head off into the sunset, looking forward to Ep. 9 of The Shit Show. Stay tuned!!

Listen to the podcast here



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