Ep. 7 of TFQ’s new podcast: NBA Draft Lottery & Playoffs

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Well hello again, sport nuts. We waited a few extra days to record Episode 7 of The Shit Show so that we could talk about the NBA Draft Lottery while it is still fresh. But as usual, we touch on a slew of topics in the sports world.

Listen to the podcast here

In the opening, I say we’re higher than “Webster tied to a balloon”. I can’t take credit for that – it’s from “Outrun”, a People Under The Stairs song.

In our weekly What I Saw segment, I made fun of Panthers DE Greg Hardy for allegedly letting his jealousy for hip-hop “star” Nelly make him lose control.

As always, we gave out our weekly #PROPS and #DROPS – in part a reprise of some tweets we make throughout the week. You can follow us at @TFQuarter & @count_yorga

Here’s that #PROPS article on the NFL and drug restrictions by Ross Tucker. I agree with Tucker, that punishment for marijuana offences should be loosened, and that it should be a sort of leverage for getting HGH testing through.

I also gave predictable #PROPS to Tim Duncan.

Yorga gave props to the walk-out songs for two MLB hitters: Texas’ Prince Fielder’s and Oakland’s Josh Reddick. Which one do you favour?

Reddick’s choice of “Carless Whisper” made me think of an old YouTube video I saw of a guy in a gorilla suit wandering the streets alone to a saxophone solo of the same song. I couldn’t find the damn thing (but you wouldn’t believe the shit that comes up when googling things like “lonely gorilla saxophone”), but here’s another musical gorilla – to Genesis instead of Wham!.

Fielder’s Soul-Glo turn reminded me of my affinity to point out how much NFL QB Jason Campbell looks like Eriq La Salle in TFQ’s What I Saw.

Jason Campbell


Listen to the podcast here

At one point my home phone started ringing during the podcast ( we get real raw on The Shit Show: 1 take, no editing), and I started doing Cameron Fry’s lines from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off: “He’ll keep calling me….” (I don’t get it bang-on, but not bad for off-the-cuff.)

When we touched on the now-finished Spurs-Blazers series, I said that I spouted some pro-Spurs numbers in last week’s The Dr. Is In podcast at Raptors Republic.

I tweeted this criticism of the OKC Thunder, specifically GM Sam Presti’s inability to put perimeter defenders on the roster.

Our Weekly Woodshed was a drubbing Dodgers P Clayton Kershaw sustained from the D’Backs. Here’s the game summary, and the box score.

Lastly, we often watch sports on TV while we record The Shit Show, and though I didn’t catch the actual play and the channel immediately went to another broadcast afterward, I said I thought I saw Tigers bullpen men Al Alburquerque commit a bases-loaded balk in the 13th inning to lose to the Indians. I was right, and since we promised we’d verify it for our listeners, here’s the ESPN game summary.

That’s it for Episode 7!  Be sure to check out my draft analysis for what the Raptors might do with the 20th pick overall in the NBA draft at Raptors Republic, coming out at the end of the week.  Peace out!

Listen to the podcast here


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