Ep. 6 of TFQ’s new podcast: NFL Draft recap & NBA Playoffs

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Hope all of you are now well recovered from an action-packed sports weekend!

The dust has settled, and now it’s time to reflect with Episode 6 of The Shit Show, TFQ’s weekly podcast!

Listen to the podcast here

This week we focus on some analysis of the NFL Draft, get into the NBA playoffs, and give you most of the usual segments you’ve become used to if you’re a regular listener. (If you’re not, get your head out of your ass.)

As usual, we’ve added links to the Episode 6 podcast. Your hosts, Count Yorga and I (Jerkules), like to make a lot of goofy references, along with statistical sources, so here’s a companion for your listening – and smoking, after all…. – pleasure.

Listen to the podcast here

In the opening to Episode 6, I make an explicit reference to “How High” by Method Man and Redman. It’s oddly difficult the explicit version of the song on the interweb, but here are the ­lyrics.

One of our weekly segments is What I Saw, a current events-type spinoff of the old NFL posts on TFQ. Yorga spoke about Rangers pitcher Yu Darvish’s almost-no-no against the Red Sox last week. Here’s a summary of the game, with some .gifs, and also a YouTube highlight reel of the game.

Every week we do #PROPS and #DROPS, a cheers/jeers segment for the sports world. We often tweet these shout-outs, but add others for the podcast. You can follow us @count_yorga & @TFQuarter

When we gave #DROPS to the Miami Dolphins for their poor job of tweeting during the NFL draft, I called their first round pick, Ju’Wuan James, Juwanna Man.

Another #DROP went to the Cleveland Cavs for hiring (and firing) Mike Brown yet once again. I’ve called the former Spurs assistant Mr. Potato Head ever since he became the head coach of the Cavs the first time. Turns out I’m not alone.

Mike Brown Potato Head

Listen to the podcast here

Yorga had a few baseball-oriented #PROPS and #DROPS, which led us to refer to a few fun things:

Jays infielder Juan Francisco struck out seven times in a row, spanning multiple games. Striking out four times in one game is known as a Golden Sombrero. I proposed the Francisco’s feat be referred to as the Nacho Sombrero, a la Homer Simpson’s treat at the football game he went to with Flanders. (“Na-cho, Na-cho maaan, I want to be a na-cho man!”)

Everyone will agree that Toronto SS Jose Reyes is fast, but who knew he was so fast that he could pull off a Willie Mays Hayes move, scoring from second base on a ball hit to second. Here’s the play. Here’s the Mays Hayes play from Major League.

All that talk about Wesley Snipes led me to wish the thespian would make more of a comeback after prison for tax evasion than just Brooklyn’s Finest. I said, “always bet on black” – a shout-out to the Snipes crapfest that is Passenger 57. What a line; what a delivery by Snipes.

We spent a lot of time dissecting the NFL Draft that went down last weekend. I also call the Vikings head coach Mike “Keys To My Beemer” Zim-Zimmmer. I hope it goes without saying that we don’t shy away from Beenie Man references here at TFQ.

I referred to a nice job of reporting on NFL.com about the situation in the Cowboys war room during the first round. Here it is.

I predicted that LeBron James & Co. would get on the Brooklyn Nets like Solange Knowles got onto Jay-Z in an elevator. (Editors note: Turns out the King went off for a career playoff-high 49 points the night we recorded the podcast.)

When talk turned to the NBA playoffs, wasted little time before milking the infamous You Tube mashup of 10 hours of Dr. Hibbert laughing, in honor of Pacers C Roy Hibbert finally making an impact.

In a show of sympathy for Blazers PG Damien Lillard getting left on Parker Island during his series with the Spurs, we surmised that Lillard might feel as despondent as Karl Malone does in the second year star’s recent Foot Locker commercial.

Listen to the podcast here

That’s it for this week – see y’all next week on The Shit Show!


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