Ep. 3 of TFQ’s new podcast: The “Führer” Caused by Sterling & More

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Last night during the 3 NBA playoff games on TV we recorded Episode 3 of The Shit Show, our now podcast!

As always I, Jerkules, was joined by my co-host Count Yorga, who you can find @count_yorga on Twitter.

(You can always follow TFQ @TFQuarter  and on Facebook as well.)

You can listen to the podcast here.

This week is a long episode, but a very good one, with a lot of in-depth analysis of things NBA and NFL.

Here’s a list of the segments, along with links to some things me make reference to:

In the opening I declare that we’re so high we’re like Nigel Tufnel’s amp in This is Spinal Tap.  Here’s the reference.

What I Saw: Current events, focusing on the unfortunate situation surrounding the L.A. Clippers and their owner Donald Sterling.  We shat all over the racist owner for his anti-African American comments this week. Here’s the (awkward) aforementioned press conference by NBA commissioner Adam Silver.

#PROPS & #DROPS: Our weekly thumbs-up/down segment, partially taken from our tweets throughout the week. I’m @TFQuarter and there’s also @count_yorga.  We gave #PROPS to LaMarcus Aldridge. Here’s part of the reason why:

Last 6 Players With 140 Points & 45 Rebounds In First 4 Games Of Playoffs

LaMarcus Aldridge (POR) 2014
Hakeem Olajuwon (HOU) 1988
Bob McAdoo (BUF) 1976
Wilt Chamberlain (SFW) 1964
Bob Petit (STL) 1963
Elgin Baylor (LAL) 1962

(NBA on TNT)

#PROPS went out to LeBron James staring down the great Michael Jordan (current Bobcats owner) on his way to a dunk…but the King denies it…

We took a look at each first round series of the NBA playoffs.  When I was loving up the Washignton Wizards I started saying “I’m the Wiz!” That’s a Seinfeld reference.

I mentioned the resemblance between Trailblazers point guard Damien Lillard and Marlo Stanfield from HBO’s amazing series The Wire.


We also spent some time on initial reactions to the schedule for next NFL season. Here’s the link to the Five-Thirty-Eight analysis of the NFL’s strength of schedule for each team, now that the 2014 sched is out.

We didn’t get into our “weekly” segment Weekly Woodshed, about a huge blowout from the previous week because of how long the episode was going – but it’s still so good, we swear!  We were going to look at the two big whoopings the Clippers and Warriors gave each other, especially the record-setting win by Los Angeles.  Here’s a look at the second such game as well.

You can listen to the podcast here.

Stay tuned for episode 4 of The Shit Show – AND, next week I will be releasing a stand-alone NFL Mock Draft Episode, so keep your eyes out!




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