Ep. 2 of TFQ’s podcast: NBA Awards, Playoffs & 4/20 Tribute

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Today we recorded Episode 2 of The Shit Show, our now podcast, during the Heat-Bobcats game!

This week is mostly an NBA season awards & playoffs edition, with a tribute to 4/20, the date we recorded it. (If you don’t get the 4/20 reference, some of the background noises while we record might confuse you.)

As will always be the case, Count Yorga and I (aka Jerkules) give our own takes on a number of sports topics.


Listen to the podcast here.


Here’s a list of the segments, along with links to some things me make reference to:

What I Saw: Current events, including Blake Griffin’s tasteless-funny move when he poured water on a fan.

#PROPS & #DROPS: Our weekly thumbs-up/down segment, partially taken from our tweets throughout the week. I’m @TFQuarter and there’s also @count_yorga. At one point #DROPS went out to Bryce Harper dogging it to first on a grounder that got him benched.

End the Movie, Start the Madness: Our sports movie review segment. This week: Draft Day, starring Kevin Costner. I mentioned a Sports Illustrated article about the movie. Here it is.

Top 10 All-Time Pothletes: a 4/20 tribute to the sports world.

Three things from that list:

We included Doc Ellis in part due to this fun animated short, narrated by Ellis himself. (Like I said during the ’cast, Ellis doesn’t mention marijuana, but you can bet that he toked some during his mystical journey.)

Tim Lincecum was also on the list, in part for pot possession, in part for an uncanny resemblance to the protagonist in Dazed and Confused.


We also had Damon Stoudamire in the Top 10 pothletes for trying to pull a Derek Smalls. Smalls is the bassist from This is Spinal Tap who, well, you’ll see here. (Played by Harry Shearer, a regular cast member of The Simpsons.)

NBA Season Awards: I gave Pelicans forward Anthony Davis the Most Improved player award in our NBA Regular Season Awards segment. (Yorga pussied out and took not two but three winners of the award.) I mention an excellent article by Grantland’s Zach Lowe about Anthony, which you can find here.

NBA Playoff Preview: Yorga and I give our predictions and thoughts for the first round of the 2013-14 NBA Playoffs. When the podcast touches on Pacers center Roy Hibbert we get into our usual milking of the 10-hour YouTube video of Dr. Hibbert’s laugh.

Statgasm: TFQ’s weekly dive down the statistical rabbit’s hole. This week: How often do MVPs lead their team to the championship, and is the task facing either Kevin Durant or LeBron James a tough one?

Weekly Woodshed: Our weekly look at a blowout was a 16-1 whupping of the Yankees at the hands of the Tampa Bay Rays on April 19. Here’s the box score.

That whupping came largely at the expense of Yankees starter Ivan “Chevy” Nova, who, as Yorga pointed out got crushed into a cube, a la Mr. Burn’s car when Homer was his assistant in an episode of The Simpsons.

Bold Statements: Each week we finish off with a look to the future. Yorga made a bold statement involving Jays starting pitcher Mark Buehrle, and I responded the same way Marge Simpson would.

Listen to the podcast here.

Stay tuned for Episode 3 of The Shit Show, but it will be a few days later than usual.

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