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NBA peeps!

What’s new?  I sat in on a long and fun-filled discussion at Raptors Republic about the Raptors-Nets series that tips off Saturday, 12:30 EST.

Before I give you the summary of most of the things we talked about (courtesy PhdSteve, as always), don’t forget to catch TFQ’s now podcast, The Shit Show, with Count Yorga and Jerkules!  You can already catch the inaugural episode here.  We’ll be recording Episode 2 this weekend – NBA playoff analysis and a tribute to 4/20.  I’ll put up a post for our faithful fans when it’s uploaded.

You can grab the Raptors Republic podcast here.

Here’s a list of topics we touch on for Raps-Nets:

  • Who wins game 1?  And does winning game 1 even matter?
  • What about scheduling? Do the extra days off help or hurt?
  • How much does having experience factor into winning this series?
  • Should Raptors Republic get sued for making T-shirts?
  • What about defence? Who has the upper hand defencively?
  • Should the Raptors try and play small ball to adjust to the Nets?
  • Which team has the advantage when it comes to: benches, coaches, reputation?
  • #morecowbell
  • Young legs- myth or reality?
  • The refs, getting the calls, and conspiracy theories.
  • And so much more!!!!!

Be sure to stick around after the outro for a fun filled 2 mins where the talk continues “off the record.”

That’s it for now, hardwood junkies.  Again, check out The Shit Show, Episode 1.  Episode 2 is coming soon!


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