TFQ’s New Podcast Is Up And Running!

Blair Miller > THE SHIT SHOW, Episode 1

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Hey, sports world! We’re happy to announce some exciting changes at The Fifth Quarter, most importantly the start of our new podcast, The Shit Show.

Listen to the podcast here.

Hosted by yours truly (aka Jerkules) and Count Yorga, The Shit Show is a (mostly) weekly podcast where we will hang out and talk sports in the usual vein that TFQ followers are used to.

It’s our first crack at this, and we plan to get better as we go, but keep any comments coming. The podcast will soon be available on iTunes, and we are also changing our domain name and web layout – more on those to come.

In Episode 1 of The Shit Show we cover a lot of topics – while watching the final round of the Masters, won by Bubba Watson.

Here’s a list of what we discuss:

–       WHAT I SAW: A current events segment.

–       WEEKLY WOODSHED: A weekly segment where we look at a big blowout. This week: Hawks over Pacers

–       NFL FREE AGENCY: Our look at which team has done the best/worst thus far.

–       THE MASTERS: Thoughts on the tourney so far, while we watch the first half of the final round.

–       STATGASM: A weekly segment centered on statistical analysis.

–       NBA PLAYOFF PREVIEW: Seeds aren’t finalized, so we make general predictions.

–       MLB PREVIEW: Division winners, Wild Cards, underdogs and overrated teams.

–       BOLD PREDICTIONS: Each week we end the episode with a look into our own twisted crystal balls. (Yes, we have glass onions.)

Listen to the podcast here.

During the podcast, we promised a sort of appendix – a set of links to some references we made during each episode. Here’s this week’s set of references.

Yorga said we would inflict the torture of Draft Day upon ourselves so that you know how bad it sucks before you decide to see it. (I had planned to go alone, but Yorga agreed to go during the podcast, which will turn out to be disastrous for his brain-how.)   Here’s a trailer for the movie. Sorry.

I mentioned TFQ’s NFL 2013 Upside Down Awards. Check ’em out.

I said that last season Texans QB Matt Schaub shit the bed more than Spud in Trainspotting. Those of you who have read my What I Saw column during the NFL season will know this reference. Here’s the source.

Episode 1’s Weekly Woodshed was the Hawks beating the Pacers 107-88. Here’s the box score, courtesy

Here’s that dangerous YouTube montage of 10 hours of Doctor Hibbert laughing. (I like to make that laugh when Pacers C Roy Hibbert comes up.)

I said “I’ll get you, Jonas Blixt!”, which was a reference to Team America: World Police.

Listen to the podcast here.

Stay tuned next week for Episode 2 of The Shit Show!

We may not record on the same day each week, but next week we’ll be recording on Sunday again in honour of 4/20!  We’ll always try to pump out one episode every week or so, unless we say otherwise.  Stay tuned!

Don’t forget to follow Count Yorga on Twitter @count_yorga and us @TFQuarter

Also, TFQ is on Facebook.








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