HIGH POSTS – Raptors Republic podcast out today #morecowbell

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Our leading (and only) basketball writer gives his, um, blunted, unconventional – and occasionally obsessively detailed – take on recent happenings in the hoops world.

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The Worldwide Roundtable from Raptors Republic is back!  Also, we’re working away at TFQ on the first episode for our new podcast, The Shit Show.  Stay tuned!

You can find this week’s RR podcast here.

Steve lost the Florida-UCLA bet, so he belts out the Gators fight song!  Also, here’s what else we touch on, courtesy PHDSteve:

The Raps over the last 7 days:

    • 102-100 loss to Cle, back to back wins over Boston, 98-93 win over Orlando and a 93-83 loss to Miami
    • The status of Kyle Lowry
    • #morecowbell
    • 42-32, 1st in Atlantic Division with 8 games to go.  Hard to be upset right?
    • If the Raps win 6 of 8 (which is doable even without Lowry) that gives them 48 wins. New high score!
    • But will it be enough to hold off Brooklyn for the Atlantic? Chicago for the 3 seed?
    • Is this the best season ever in Raptors franchise history?
    • So what does this mean for the playoffs? It’s looking like Washington or Brooklyn- as long as we hold our spot atop the Atlantic: how do we match up against each of them?

Then real briefly:

  • Wiggins declares
  • The final four
  • And Steve pays up on his bet….well kind of #mayshedroopnever



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