HIGH POSTS – Raptors Republic podcast out today – March Madness!

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It’s the MADNESS!!!!!  Madness!!!  This is MY World Cup, and it comes annually!

March Madness is in full swing, but I want to draw our devoted roundball freaks to another edition of The Dr. Is In podcast on Raptors Republic because we do an extended and fun breakdown of the NCAA tourney, as well as some analysis on where the Raptors are at, having held onto the 3-seed in the East last night with a close win against the Pelicans.

You can find the podcast here.

It’s off to a great start!  As I’m posting this, (11)Dayton is leading (6)Ohio State, which I predicted… (UPDATE: Although my printout for that pool and all my others say Dayton, somehow the posted one says OSU….never recheck your picks on St. Paddys’ day?? Oh well) but we’ll see if they can hang on.  My main fear on Day 1 of the main rounds (I’m still not used to the play-in games, and have mixed feelings about them) is (4)Louisville vs. (13)Manhattan.  Cardinals head coach Rick Pitino taught Manhattan’s head coach Steve Masiello, and the two squads run strikingly similar sets on both ends of the court – so much so that Pitino is not happy about the decision of the selection committee to pair them up on Thursday night, calling it “a bunch of soccer ADs?”

Overall, my brackets are eerily similar to Barack Obama’s, especially an identical Final Four, with the same results.  I hope the Prez didn’t enter in the Jimmy Buffett $1 billion challenge, because if we tie, my ass is getting droned for sure.

I’m having testicle difficulties uploading my bracket, but there’s a link to it on the podcast page (link above), and I am off to EMBRACE THE MADDNESS!!!


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