HIGH POSTS – NBA Commissioner also says the term tanking is misused

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Hey, hardcourt fanatics,

I just wanted to put up a quick follow-up post to my mini-rant about “rebuilding” being irresponsibly called “tanking” in the NBA.  It started with a good 20-plus minutes about the topic on my last appearance on a Raptors Republic podcast.

In short, it’s been bothering me a LOT this season that the media tends to label any team that is willing to undergo in-season rebuilding as “tanking”.  It’s an awfully misleading use of a term that describes cheating and/or intentionally losing games.

Well, it turns out that, via ESPN and the Associated Press, that league commish Adam Silver agrees!  It’s like he took the words right out of my mouth…if I hadn’t been spewing them more than once over the last month or so.

Here’s the article that details Silver’s stance towards tanking.

Don’t get me wrong.  I require no vindication.  But it tends to be useful to, within a controversial debate about a misunderstood topic, point out that someone of higher credibility – namely the guy who runs the whole NBA – makes the same distinction.

So please, people.  I know this won’t stop the trend, but try to use the term “tanking” more judiciously.  No one likes to be called a cheater, especially people who aren’t cheating.


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