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Our leading (and only) basketball writer gives his, um, blunted, unconventional – and occasionally obsessively detailed – take on recent happenings in the hoops world.

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Ballers, what’s up?!

The usual cast met again on Raptors Republic for another edition of our weekly podcast.  You can take a listen here.

Now that the NFL season has finished, I’ll be taking a week or so off from regular posting to recharge.  The podcast will also be taking a week-long hiatus.

But keep an eye out for TFQ’s inaugural Upside Down Awards, where we give a take on recognizing aspects of the NFL season that only my twisted brain could come up with.  It will be a fun read.  After that, High Posts will gather steam, giving thoughts on happenings in the NBA and NCAA.  There will also be NFL Postmortems for each franchise in Deep Posts.  Get ready!

Here’s a list of the topics from the ‘cast, courtesy PhdSteve on Raptors Republic:

  • The week that almost was as the Raps close out the West Coast road trip 2-3 before a big win vs New Orleans at home
  • The SACTO loss.  Was it the refs or players?
  • The Clippers loss and how sometimes the better team just wins.
  •  And The win against NO reminds us how good Lowry is and how taking out the trash is all this team needs to do to get the 3 seed in the East.
  • We close with some random thoughts on the all-star game and the upcoming trade deadline.

Then from about 30 minutes on we talk NCAA

  • It’s a tribute to Iowa week! as we look deeper at both Iowa & Iowa State.
  • There is a local Toronto kid not named Wiggins tearing up the NCAA and we talk about him!
  • We then start our Conference previews with conference tournaments just around the corner as we preview the Big Ten and the Big 12
  • The mailbag question of the week comes from @mitchymitchy4: will/should Embiid stay for a second year at Kansas?
  • And the we talk about Marcus Smart and stupid fans

See y’all soon – in the roundball world!  Looking forward to it.


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