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Hey ballers!

Yes, the Raptors hit a rough patch over the last week, but as we say in the newest podcast  at Raptors Republic the sky isn’t falling in T-Dot.  In fact, two of the keys to Raps success that we discussed – getting to the free throw line and giving Jonas Valanciunas enough PT – were instrumental in last night’s win over the Mavs!  (The weekly podcast is recorded Wednesdays before that night’s games.)

Check out the podcast here.

As usual, here’s a list of topics we discuss, pasted from host PhdSteve’s summary on the site:

  • The Raptors as a .500 team and why there really is no need to overreact to a horrible week
  • Some of the trends in the week that was 1-3 like, for example: too many 3 point attempts, not enough free throws, tired legs, & not enough Amirsborough
  • Why the team plays better when Jonas plays more
  • A 3-2 week over the next 7 days? Or should we just stop talking now given our track record!
  •  How good is Indiana? Are they now the team to beat in the East?
  •  How good is Kevin Durant?
  • Who the heck is Creighton?
  • Is there parity now in the NCAA and what does this say about the upcoming draft talent?
  • Should the Raps trade out of this draft?
  • Is it still Kosher to talk about trading Kyle Lowry?
  • For those interested, stick around after the outro for a quick 1-2 mins on Joel Embiid

Check it out, and keep an eye out for new posts in the near future here at TFQ!


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