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Our leading (and only) basketball writer gives his, um, blunted, unconventional – and occasionally obsessively detailed – take on recent happenings in the hoops world.

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Ballers!  My first instalment of High Posts for 2014 is going to be a brief one, as I’m more mired in the NFL playoff season and trying to sound smart predicting the games.  Keep an eye out for more regular High Posts coming soon, when, like the eye of Sauron, I turn to roundball after the Super Bowl.

But fear not – I’m still making appearances on the Raptors Republic podcast with Phd Steve and our usual roundtable.  You can find the ‘cast here, and here’s a summary of what we discussed as the Raptors have started to look like a legit team in the Eastern Conference for the first time in recent memory.  (Pasted from raptorsrepublic.com)

  • Just how good are the Raptors? A quick run down of thoughts about the Raptors run of 7-3 (before last night’s win versus the Pistons) since the OT loss to Charlotte when we did our last podcast
  • Legit contenders in the East after wins against the Pacers, Thunder, Mavericks, with close calls against Miami – or is this fools gold? How fickle are Raptors fans- eh? After months of people trolling our podcast complaining because we refused to acknowledge tank nation- now people are getting upset when pundits mention tanking! Lol.
  • Let’s just remind the listeners who told them Raptors would win the East and Lowry would be an All-Star!
  • No Rose and now no Deng- Chicago has entered the race to tank: who is next? And what does this mean for teams like the Raptors? Are there major bargains to be had for a team willing to take on some salary to help teams like Chicago tank? Who might the Raptors target (I still like Gasol and Rondo)
  • Thoughts on NCAA ball: conference play has started! The rise of ‘Cuse, the fall of Duke and maybe, just maybe, all the hype surrounding the draft is overrated- as guys like Wiggins and Randle show glimpses of being ballers but only Parker looks like a real legit franchise player right now (and even that is debatable)
  • What to do with Kyle Lowry?
  • Should we give Colangelo some credit for this team’s success?
  • Is Dwayne Casey now a good coach?

There’s also a surprise cameo by RapsRepub vet, Zarar Siddiqi.

Check it out, and keep an eye out for new posts in the near future here at TFQ!


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