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Our leading (and only) basketball writer gives his, um, blunted, unconventional – and occasionally obsessively detailed – take on recent happenings in the hoops world.

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Ballers!  My first instalment of High Posts for the 2013-14 is going to be a brief one, as I’m more mired in the NFL landscape as it nears playoff season.  Keep an eye out for more regular High Posts in late December or early January.

For now, I wanted to let my peeps know about my return to the Raptors Republic podcast.  Thanks to PhdSteve for welcoming me back after a busy semester at work; it’s nice to be back with him, Mike and Greg talking ball.  The podcast can be found here.  Here’s a bulleted list of what we rap on re-the Raps, courtesy Raptors Republic:

  • The Rudy Gay trade: thoughts from around the table
  • Is there a log-jam now at the PF? What about the PG spot? No picks came back? Is this nothing more than a salary dump? Will it change the offense?
  • Lots of people (i.e., Marc Stein) are reporting more is to come- if so: who is next?
  • SACTO fans think they won the deal- did they?
  • There are split views on this trade: some see this as a signal that the team is tanking- is this true? Or can it also be seen as an attempt to win the division?
  • Ujiri’s work so far: is his strategy of taking five nickels for a quarter a good thing?
  • Starting with the Lakers win and the SA game we explore the last 7 days
  • The week ahead: PHI, CHI, CHA
  • #tankforwiggins

There is 5 minutes of bonus material after the outro for those who want to hear more about Wiggins vs Florida.

That’s it for now, roundballers.  In the meantime, check out our weekly NFL column called What I Saw if you’re into the more oblong ball – and stay blunted!


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