Blair Is Back & Raptors Republic Podcast

Hey all!  It’s Blair here.

Sorry for the long hiatus since my NBA Finals Game 6 post, but when one decides to spill a whole glass of red wine on one’s laptop during an exciting Game 7, well, it takes a while (and $400 – thanks Apple) to get back on track.

There will be a new edition of High Posts here at TFQ this week, but for now I want to draw attention to another Raptors Republic podcast I sat in on that went online this morning.  It’s the usual roundtable – PhdSteve, Mike, Greg and myself – and we analyze the Raptors’ summer moves to date.

You can check out the podcast here.

So stay tuned for some of my thoughts on free agency and this NBA offseason, including:

Why the Nets could be one of the most expensive star-laiden train wrecks the league has seen – up there with the Gary Payton & Karl Malone Lakers debacle and the Scottie Pippen-Charles Barkley Rockets whoopsie.

How big names in head coaching and front offices are no longer en vogue.

Why I think that all the media talk about NBA franchises tanking it is stupid.


I’m also working on some other NBA posts, as well as some Deep Posts, to get back into the NFL swing of things – LESS THAN 9 WEEKS UNTIL OPENING SUNDAY!

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