Blair Miller in another Raptors Republic Podcast

Hey all,

Blair Miller here.  Just wanted to point you all towards another podcast I was in yesterday at Raptors Republic, an ESPN affiliate.  I must’ve made some sort of sense in my first appearance on the site, as Phdsteve was gracious enough to welcome me back to another roundtable discussion with him, Greg Mason and Mike Gennaro to talk about the ongoing NBA playoffs, the Raptors and other topics like the isolation offense.

I’ll be putting out another edition of High Posts very soon.  I want to wait until after tonight’s pair of games, since I expect both the Grizzlies and Heat to finish off the Thunder and Bulls, respectively.  (Plus, it’s just too early in the day for me to be in the proper…mindset.)

Until then, you can check out the podcast here.  Download it, shave with it, stuff it in your pipe.  And keep ballin’!



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