The Fifth Quarter

Blair Miller > Super Bowl XLVII Preview, 2012 Season  (47. It’s 47. Drop the gladiatoresque numerals, already.)

We searched long and hard through our staff, and decided to elect our only staff member to take a look at some factors that could play a role in the game’s outcome. 

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Oh, baby!  After 21 weeks of fist pumping, tears shed, elation, defeat, a referee lockout, beds shat, amazing comebacks, broken records, youth movements, memorable retirements, broken records and all other manner of NFL-brewed craziness the big game is finally here!

Has there been a more difficult Super Bowl to predict in recent years?  (Keeping in mind that with upsets the outcome seems easy to predict.)  Let’s hope that means that we get a good game, because we’ve been spoiled as of late.  (See below.)

I’m gonna be happy to avoid making too much of a concrete prediction…

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